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Believers Lifestyle Magazine

Read the Believers lifestyle magazine written by believers for believers. "Glory Be Magazine," covers today's important and trending topics that are important for believers to understand and grasp. We get to the heart of what matters to you. Our coverage focuses on the essential things that are important to every Christian.

Family Counselling

If anyone is having issues at home, we can set our readers up with someone who can help. Are you spending time together as a family? Are you sitting down to have dinner together at least once a week? And if not, are there particular reasons why? "Glory Be Magazine" can point readers in the right direction for family help.

Spiritual Counselling

Explore  beliefs and doctrine in the pages of "Glory Be Magazine." Do you believe in God and His Son, Jesus Christ? How is your prayer life? We will help our readers with relevant and thought-provoking Bible study.

Lifestyle Consulting

Incorporate your  beliefs into your daily routine. At "Glory Be Magazine," we know what it's like to feel hopeless and battered by the world. But our help comes from above and we want to pass on timely articles and stories to bolster your faith. If you need a job or transportation, our magazine is here to help. We'll offer resources for those feeling lonely and depressed.

Business Consulting

Get help from a real business consultant if you are contemplating a new startup. Live a Godly life as a business owner, and let your light shine as you move forward with your new or expanded company. We will make sure you have the resources needed to succeed in your business life.