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Believers are under a lot of stress today, and our faith is under continual attack. You need to read "Glory Be Magazine," the journal where contemporary issues of concern are dissected and discussed with an eye to how they apply to a dedicated Believer. Know the difference between a good church and a cult. Know the difference between a great speaker and someone who isn't. We are determined to help people understand their unique financial situations as well as lifestyle issues. You are not alone. "Glory Be Magazine" is here to help.

Read the magazine that will bolster your faith and keep you informed.

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About Us

"Glory Be Magazine," of Dallas, TX, is a Believers periodical offering accurate and balanced information to Believers who may not be in the know about how to live better lives in today's climate of fear, anger, and uncertainty. Many are depressed today, living with spiritual and financial burdens. We're here to point the way to a better quality of life through timely articles. "Glory Be Magazine," gives structure to a church-going person with informative writing about lifestyle, relationships, and having fun. We offer resources and things people can do to carry on and move forward in their lives concerning their careers as we spread God's plan across the land.

Our founder, Michael McQueen, knows what it's like to struggle with feelings of desperation. At "Glory Be Magazine," we're here to help people who sincerely need help. We have set out to make a difference, and because we've gone through some low times, we believe we can make that difference. We encourage you to contact us with your thoughts, questions, and concerns. The team here at "Glory Be Magazine," looks forward to hearing from you.


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